Board of Directors

This is our Board of Directors. ANTAC’s Board of Directors comprises five accredited ngangkaṟi members of ANTAC. Our current Directors are:

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Francesca Panzironi

Dr Francesca Panzironi is our Chief Executive Officer. Francesca has spent over six years traveling across our country to learn about our ngangkaṟi way. We sat and talked with her for many years until we decided to establish our own ngangkaṟi organization. Francesca is running ANTAC under the directions of our ngangkaṟi elders who sit in the Board of Directors.

Francesca has undertaken a long journey in our country which is articulated in Hand-in-Hand. Report on Aboriginal Traditional Medicine.


This is our Register of accredited ngangkaṟi from the APY Lands. The Register lists the accredited ngangkaṟi who have gone through the accreditation process and met the accreditation standards according to rule 3.4 of the Rulebook of the Aṉangu Ngangkaṟi Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation.

Gordon Ingkatji
Sam Watson
Wongka Wongka
Roger Kayipipi
Rama Sampson
Arnie Frank
Taylor Cooper
Witjiti George
Cyril McKenzie
Max Watson
Hector Mitakiki
Glen Winton
Debbie Watson
Mukai Baker
Margaret Richards
Tjariya Stanley
Margaret Winton