The first study into the use and place of Aboriginal traditional medicine and healing (Ngangkari) has just been released in Australia.

Dr Francesca Panzironi has spent the last 5 years looking into where Aboriginal traditional medicine fits in the western medical system of Australia. Her report Hand-In Hand proposes a new statewide policy framework that encapsulates a two-way health care model to guarantee the systematic and consistent provision of Ngangkari health care services hand in hand with western medicine.

The research has resulted in the establishment of the Anangu Ngangkari Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation (ANTAC), the first organisation of Aboriginal traditional healers in the country.

Marnie Round spoke to Dr Francesca Panzironi, and Debbie Watson and Iwana Antajakitja – two Ngangkari healers and founders of the Anangu Ngankari Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation.

In the second part of Hand In Hand Tauto Sansbury from the South Australian Aboriginal Coalition for Social Justice shares his perspectives on the research into Aboriginal traditional medicine in Australia, and Sonia Waters shares her moving and personal experience with Ngangkari healers.

Produced by Marnie Round.



 Part 1 :

Hand-In-Hand part 1

Part 2 :

hand-in-Hand part 2


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